Why "Joy"

Joy is a choice you make each and every day! Joy is a gift from our Heavenly Father! It is your weapon! When you smile at someone...they smile back. When you laugh...others will laugh with you. When you think happy thoughts...you feel better. Come on...Do some "Joy" things...kick the devil where it hurts! Defeat him!! Psalm 28:7 "The Joy of the Lord is my Strength and my Shield, my heart trusts in Him and He helps me. My heart leaps for Joy, and with my song I praise Him"

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Decided to make a change and stay a little closer to home...am now selling my furniture projects from the local Curiosity Shop located at
  • 1216 Rock Island Rd
    Irving, TX 75060
    Very cool shop with lots of different furniture, knick knacks and great finds!  Changes daily so you just never know what you might find!  
    I have to admit blogging is really a challenge for me, so you can check out my new posts at this link... www.facebook.com/TheJoyBooth7   

    Here are just a few samples of the past items that have sold and some I've painted for family...am selling Sweet Pickins Milk Paint at the Curiosity Shop now and it's amazing paint that gives you that perfect "chippy" look.  Each piece has turned out very unique and not like anything else I've ever done.    Come check it out now...it's on sale!!


Monday, July 15, 2013

An updated pic of my booth!  Please come visit me at the Grapevine Antique Market!  Lots of changes going on and lots of good stuff to see! 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Here a few of my red pieces lately....

Betcha can't tell I LOVE red huh!  ☺
Have moved to a smaller booth in the Antique Mall.  I really like it so far. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I'm sorry I've not posted in awhile...I struggle so much with blogging that I get frustrated and just quit.  I can't seem to make it be like I want..and can't afford to pay what the fees are for a professional so I'm trying to find someone to help me now...please be patient with me.  In the meantime..here's a few of the latest items I've worked on....
I sooo love waiting for my inspirational blogs...one of my fav's is Shanty2Chic...
check out their project gallery...You'll see something similar to my LOVE sign....these sisters are amazing!
This is my version of a "Texas" Dresser...If you look real close you can see the star created with
upholstery tacks-  I used ASCP in Emporer's Silk, Old White and Napoleonic Blue with a dark wax.  It was such a cool dresser...one I wanted to keep!  

I wish this was a better pic...I have gotten a new Iphone now..so hopefully future pics can be clearer.
The heart is made with rosettes I created with vintage muslin. 

I'll do my best to post more often...finally learned how to create a page on facebook...so maybe 
you can check out The Joy Booth and "Like" me...
Thanks for looking....Loads of blessings to ya!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Harlequin Table Tutorial

Ok - this will be my first try at a tutorial..I love them so much just thought I'd give it a shot.
I have a wonderful new client and when she brought  me this table and said,
" Do what you want to..I trust you"
OMG...heart pound heart pound..
what must I do??   ok...here we go....

Here is the before table-

and again

I decided to paint the table ASCP "French Linen" and tape off the edges painting them "Old White"..
I forgot to take a "during" pic of this but this is the "after" shot..oh...and added a fine line with "Graphite"
I shabby'd and sanded and I actually liked it but wasn't sure if my client would...so I emailed a pic to her and she wanted to add something but just wasn't sure what.  After a few talks..she decided on a Harlequin pattern.  Feeling sure that I could find a tutorial on that, I said  'No problem"...
(take a deep breath, pant pant)
ok..I can do this kinda thing.
Did I find tutorials?  A few yes, but who wants to mess with all those measurements..ugh!
So I remembered when my daughter was a cheerleader and I volunteered to decorate the megaphones...
I used pinstripe tape like this- it was very easy to move around when needed...yet stayed down really well
I decided to use a card I had,  to make sure the width was even...
I happen to have this card lying on my table...
Love me some Outback..Yum!

I measured each line going down the table as I placed the tape down...
{Yep..I have to admit...had to do this step twice...my lines got a little bit crooked} 

Knowing me as I do...
I figured I better mark the ones I would NOT be painting "ASCP Graphite"
 I certainly didn't want to start all over...
so I did this

I know..I'm a tad bit OCD

I did have some brush strokes...but couldn't for the life of me make them go away...
I should've used a foam brush I guess...maybe next time

I let this dry actually til the next day...my back was killing me from bending over F o r e v e r
Was excited to see what it looked like...oh gosh...still brush strokes!!!
needed to try and sand those down a bit
ended up pretty shabby

 added some Min-wax Wipe-On Poly

Love this stuff!
Still wasn't pleased with those darn brush strokes so I sanded again...lightly...
some of my blocks began to shed their color a little...

Oh No!
Yep -  I just couldn't leave it..
so some repair painting HAD to happen...
After more painting, more sanding and more poly
even decided to add some paste wax over that poly...and it worked!
Resulting in this

The bottom is painted French Linen with clear wax followed with brown wax. 
I really WIKE it...as my sweet grandbabies would say. 
 My client comes tomorrow to pick up...
surely pray she is pleased.
My picture taking leaves a little to be desired,
am working on that.
I wish I could figure out more about this blogging stuff..I so love looking at other blogs.
I learn something new every day!
Hope you enjoy!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Vintage Footboard Duck Egg Blue Shelf

Vintage Footboard...Love the detail!

Here it is hanging in my booth...
Thought it turned out pretty cute!

 A little closer look!  Hope you like!
Love Duck Egg Blue ASCP!