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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Claw Foot Desk

You just had to see the "before" on the desk...I was driving by a garage/estate sale and saw this desk sitting outside and almost caused a wreck turning around...Literally ran out of my car so no one would beat me to it..Almost cried when I saw it was missing a leg...(sigh)...walked on in to see what else I might could find...happen to mention to the man that I loved the claw foot desk, "just wish it had all the legs"..drum roll please.....He said "Oh, it's in the drawer!"...I screamed...(really I did)...ran back outside and yes...there it was....little ole leg saying "hello"  ha!  I'd never paid this much for any piece I've done before..but I just had to have it!  After an extreme amount of work...hope you like it...

I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint .."Graphite" waxed with Clear Minwax  - added Ebony Briewax...
lots and lots of loving went into this piece!!
I absolutely LOVE  Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!!
Yes...I realize now I must work on looking for a new camera..  I so hope it sells soon and can make someone very happy!  Don't ya just love the detail!...I lined all the drawers and they looked so pretty.  I just forgot to take a pic..sorry.  It certainly still has some flaws but that's what makes it so special...all the bumps and bruises we get...just make us stronger! 


  1. What a beautiful job you did on that old beast!!! I was working that estate sale for my friend John, and you made our day with your squeal of delight when you found out that the leg was in the drawer. I don't think I have ever seen such joy and speed as you headed out the door to see for yourself. We have told the story to many as one of the many highlights of that day. Thank you for a great moment! Whoever buys this will be blessed with the joy of your energy within their home.

  2. LoL...it was rather funny wasn't it. I was/am so proud of that desk~~ Just does something when you are able to find such a great find! I'm surely glad you like it too! Thank you!

  3. I used graphite on some things for my niece and it is a lovely color. It certainly looks lovely on your incredible new desk.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! Fabulous vision and beautiful execution.

  5. Thank you Rhonda and Pamma....I really appreciate your sweet words!

  6. Gorgeous. One of the best Graphite examples I've seen. I love Graphite.

  7. When you say you used clear minwax...do you mean the finishing paste wax?

  8. This is such a gorgeous desk!!! Is it still up for sale?

  9. Thank you Janette! Yes maam...it is still for sale!

  10. Thank you for sharing. I too love finding those things with potential and giving them a new life. This old desk turned out beautiful. So glad the leg was tucked away in a drawer!
    Detra-The Mountain Treasure Chest